Villa 4 bedroom in Palermo, Italy




250 sq ft





The villa is surrounded by an enormous, nationally recognised park, a typical example of the ‘giardino romantico’ or romantic gardens so popular in the late 18th century when the villa was built, with lush tropical vegetation, a lake on which a pair of swans called Tristan and Isotta live, and a miniature neoclassical temple. The second lake has been transformed into a swimming pool.

The piano nobile, accessed either via a huge billiards room, or via an imposing staircase, consists of a gran salone, or main reception room, followed by a series of interconnecting parlours or salotti. Rooms are magnificent – frescoed, with floors of maiolica, and furnished with period pieces. The result is not only visually appealing and suffused with historic atmosphere, but very comfortable – you will feel immediately at home!
The villa is ideal for a really special – and definitely unforgettable – holiday for anyone who wants to experience life in a magnificent historic villa at first hand – with all modern comforts!



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